Thank you for your interest in becoming a content partner for the Champions of Small Business magazine. We believe this is a good opportunity for anyone that wants to raise their profile by demonstrating their expertise, sharing ideas, insights, opinions and generally adding value.

But in the spirit of true partnerships, this is and quite rightly should be a two way street. The guidelines below are designed to ensure we all make the most of the opportunity.



Champions of Small Business has been running for a few years now and has several thousand subscribers & a decent social following. Our mission is to provide knowledge, tools and opportunity to entrepreneurs & small business owners everywhere, helping them overcome the challenges they face day to day.

Working Together

Working in partnership with you, we hope to deliver great content to achieve a win-win, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, whilst raising your profiles and creating opportunities.

Writing blogs/articles really is just the start, we will soon have options for webinars, podcast interviews, video content and even speaking opportunities at live events.

What's Expected From You?

Actually we have no expectations other than respecting the guidelines below. Do feel free also to suggest improvements as we go, we are all ears!

The guidelines are here to ensure the simple things image rights, not using IP without permission, not being overtly promotional in the content we post and respecting the platform so we all benefit together.


The categories we are initially focussed on are as follows;


Content Guidelines

Your User Profile & Bio

We want to make this as easy as possible for you to post, and for your posts to look as good as possible. We encourage you to create a Gravatar Profile if you don't already have one so you are in control of your headshot/image and your details.

We will then create your user profile using the same email address (Username) so when you post new content your bio will be seen.

But thats not all... We are using a plugin which provides you with an enhanced bio, with your social profiles and links to your website (or wherever). Please use this form to provide us the details.

An example of a post and signature is in the link below. Please note the site is not live yet and is currently loaded with demo data. The content will be different for launch.


Posting Content

  1. Our preference is that the content you share is unique, but this is not essential. We appreciate you are busy people, running successful businesses so we don't want to impact your time too much. Even if you just tweak an intro or ensure the language is talking to the Champions audience, that would be appreciated.
  2. There is no expectation on frequency of posting.
  3. That said, please show consideration to each other and spread your posts out a little within individual categories so as not to push everybody else content off the page.
  4. Feel free to use an edgy/punchy or conversational writing style which is easy to digest for the audience.
  5. Please ensure your content is free from anything which may have legal consequences. Criticising an individual or brand with inflammatory or slanderous content could get us both into trouble and that would be a drag.
  6. Please ensure your posts are not promotional in any way. If people like your value add content they will get in touch through your bio. Fine to end a post with ‘if I can be of help get in touch etc.’
  7. Please ensure your post isn’t full of links sending readers elsewhere. A couple of links to support the content is fine (Links to research or examples etc.).
  8. Please provide a great image that you have permission to use. If you don’t have an image, please just save the post as draft (And we will source one for you appropriately sized).
  9. When sourcing images try to think different. We really want to avoid your bog standard stock photo images.
  10. Where possible please optimise your images so they are not too big in file size.... this only slows down the time it takes to load the page and trust me people are impatient.
  11. A perfect resolution for a featured image is 1000 x 600 pixels.
  12. Please select only one subject category so the post isn’t duplicated on the home page.
  13. Please don’t use the ‘Featured’ or ‘Latest’ categories, we will be fairly rotating featured front page content.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any content at anytime. Hopefully we won't need to, but if we do it will always be in consultation with you.



After you have posted

  1. Please share your post on your social channels and include @Championsosb and the hashtag #ChampionsofSmallBusiness. This ensures we will pick it up and share it ourselves.
  2. Please support and share each others content whenever possible. Everybody wins.

Our Promise To You

  • We will promote your content through the Champions social channels (Linkedin, Facebook and twitter).
  • Feature the best/most engaged with content through our newsletters.
  • Work with you in other ways such as webinars, offers, events etc.

Feel free to suggest other ways in which we can help you!


Getting Started

Convinced this is right for you? Fabulous news. Follow the steps below to get going...

  1. Create your Gravatar profile as mentioned above
  2. Fill in the form on this page answering as many fields as possible so we can set up your access.
  3. For your first 3 submissions you can either post them yourself  (But keep as draft) and one of the team will check it through and feedback. OR you can email they to and we will submit on your behalf. Ultimately though we would like to cut out the middle man and not get in the way.