Think Big

“Think big.  Dream big.  Believe big and the results will be big.”

Neil Patel

I love this quote, it is so true and the reverse is true too, think small, dream small and believe small and what results do you think you will get?  Yet, we do this over and over.  We place limits on ourselves, and most of the time, we don’t even knowing we are doing it.

Is your thinking getting in the way?

I remember years ago in our bakery business, we talked about doing $1M in our business and it just seemed unachievable and unbelievable to us.  There was a big barrier there that we had built ourselves.  We couldn’t imagine in our wildest dreams, that our business could ever be a 7 figure business.  Then we started thinking, well why not?  Why couldn’t it be that big?  What would that look like, what would we need to do?  We started thinking about it, we definitely started dreaming about it, and it did happen.  It was a matter of letting ourselves believe that we could do it.  We had to take action to make it happen, but without that deep belief it never would have happened.  Instead, we would have gone on thinking of ourselves as a little bakery with little results.

Model yourself on others

Another thing we did that helped us start to believe it, was to model ourselves on other already successful 7 figure bakery businesses.  That’s not to say we copied them, but we looked at what they were doing that made them so successful and we tried to emulate those same attitudes and beliefs.  We also went overseas to bakery conferences and mixed with successful business owners.  It expanded our world and expanded our thinking.  We started to think big instead of small time.  The bigger you let yourself think, the more expansive and abundant you feel and bigger and better things get attracted to you.

Set a BHAG

In business coaching, we call it a BHAG, which stands for Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.  Do you have a goal like that?  If you don’t, let yourself get one, allow yourself to dream big.  Then let your thinking expand into it.  Surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you want, and start taking small actions every day that lead to the BHAG.  It’s a really exciting thing to allow yourself to do.  Who knows where it will lead or what doors will open for you, once you let yourself believe it’s possible.

My challenge to you is to come up with a BHAG, write it down and just start visualising how it feels to achieve it.  That’s the beginning of opening doors to better things in your business.  Have some fun with it, let yourself dream like you did when you were a kid, before the adults told you to grow up and be sensible!  Letting yourself think big will change the way you operate, are you ready for that?

Jann Meehan