Using LinkedIn to Generate More Business and So Much More…

Most people have heard of the on-line networking platform used by businesses and professionals called LinkedIn.  I know this because there are now over 19 million personal profiles in the UK alone and now over 400 million globally!!!

LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and yet has exploded to these numbers in just the last 4-5 years.  People have a profile because they think they should but the vast majority of people don’t know how to use it effectively to gain business.

That’s because what LinkedIn was created to do and what it can do now are poles apart.  I also believe that other than on-line learning there are not many people showing you what to do from a business growth perspective.  Most people get better results from physical learning rather than self – study)

From my understanding, LinkedIn was originally set up by a couple of guys who decided to share their personal and business networks with each other.  They then invited their connections to do the same and so it has grown so virally.

You have probably heard of the general principle of “The 6 Degrees of Separation” that says we are no more than 6 people away from anybody in the world and there have been a number of studies to prove this.  It is now recognised that with LinkedIn, it’s nearer 3 steps away from anyone.  Your ability to find & connect with anyone in the world is now greater than it has ever been!

You know that people source contacts through word of mouth referral.  How many times have you recommended your lawyer or web designer?  How many times have you had business referred to you through people you know?

People are now using LinkedIn to find and connect with their ideal business contacts.  They are also checking you out on LinkedIn before contacting you.  Your LinkedIn profile even gets found by google so if you are not on it or utilising it effectively then you are missing MASSIVE opportunities!

I’m a Business Coach & Franchisor and started to use LinkedIn to gain business for myself.  It quickly became my main marketing, communication & networking tool.  I then naturally started to coach my business owner & professional clients to do the same.  People then started finding and approaching me and asking if I could also help them and so I started selling and delivering LinkedIn workshops and coaching programmes as a stand-alone revenue stream.

I was generating up to £10k per month; Part Time!!

The tipping point came when I was referred into a couple of national associations and was getting a couple of corporate inquiries each month.  We decided to franchise the business and are now focusing on finding other people who want to achieve the same results, as passionate LinkedIn Trainers & Coaches.

It is the most powerful way to find, connect (in the right way) and engage with your ideal contact.  All this from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world!!!

There are really two parts to LinkedIn:

1) Creating a powerful personal profile that gets found, gives value to the reader (a point that is missed by so many people!) and proves your credibility .

2) Your strategy.  What you are going to do on a weekly or daily basis to find, connect with (in the right way – have I already mentioned this?) and engage with your ideal connections.  There is no point going out to try and network if your profile is weak, unprofessional and of no interest to the people who look at your profile.

Here are my main points to creating a powerful profile:

1. Your Photo
This should be a head & shoulders shot.  Remember this is your personal profile.  Your photo needs to reflect how you want your prospects to see you. Sat outside your tent at a festival DOES NOT WORK.  I can’t see your face on a full body shot; it’s too impersonal and a full on close up face shot is probably too scary.  A plain white background works well.

2. Your Name
This should be plain and simply the same as you want to be addressed in conversation.  Only my Mum calls me Andrew when I’ve upset her.  You don’t need middle initials or qualifications.  Your reader probably doesn’t care and there is a section further down your profile where you can list all of these.  It’s just ego in this part of the profile or your historic education & not really relevant in marketing psychology.

3. Your Headline


Your headline has to grab attention and tell your visitor what you do for them so that they want to read on (basic marketing philosophy relevant to any part of your business; you are welcome to this extra tip for free)

It needs to:

a) Tell your reader what’s in it for them, what you do for them.  Most people never get this concept about marketing and they talk about themselves not the value they give their clients/contacts.
b) Have some key search words that you want to be found for.  You will need to think about what your prospects are searching for.
c) Stand out from the crowd of other profiles.  Use stars to break up your value statement from your search terms.

4. Your Summary


It needs to be personal not written in “corporate/legal or formal” speak.  So write it as if you were talking to me.  Now you can add more search terms and much more info about what you can do for me (You, you, you not “we, we, we”.  Stop weeing on your readers) Make it punchy; ask for who you want to connect with & offer free advice.  Space it out & make it STAND OUT.  People scan so GRAB their attention

5. Your Experience

Avoid wallpaper resumes!  Your reader probably won’t care what you were doing 20 years ago if you are now a Franchisor looking to connect with people who want to become LinkedIn Trainers!!

6. Recommendations


Third party testimonials sell.  If I tell you that I am good, you might believe me but if my client tells you how much I have helped them, how much money they have made or time they have saved, you are much more likely to believe them.  Every business that I have ever spoken with has said that they get referral business and that it is the easiest business to sell to and yet most of them do not have a consistent referral strategy in place to consistently ask their clients and contacts for referrals.


Not only can you read what my clients have said about how I have helped them in so many ways, but you can click on their recommendation, go through to their profile and contact them directly for verification.  Your prospects now have more information and can do more due diligence on you than they ever have before!!!

7. Your Evidence

It is vital that you prove that you are an expert, who can help and add value to your clients and stand above your competition in this 21st century crowded market place.  You need to have uploaded information on your profile.  This needs to be documents and videos that include free info, tips booklets, advice, testimonials and value added content for your visitors.

I coached one lady who was on my 90 day coaching program where I teach all of the strategies outlined above.  She was part time investing while freelance contracting into the city and within just a few weeks she was excited saying it’s weird, that people have been connecting with her.  It isn’t weird; it’s simply what happens when you get your profile right and become consistently active in the right way.

As for your strategy, i.e. finding, connecting & engaging with your ideal contact…  Remember The 3 Degrees of Separation?  Well the more people you are connected with the easier it is to find and connect with your ideal contact.

If you and I are connected then we are known as 1st tier connections.  If you are connected to someone but I am not then they become my 2nd tier connection through you.  If they are then connected directly with someone that neither you nor I are then that person becomes your 2nd tier and my 3rd tier and so on.  Make sense?

Have a play around with the “Advanced” tab to the right of the search bar. You can search by any keyword and geographically by any country and within any radius of any postcode!!!  I had a client ask if I could help him find An English speaking lawyer who was versed in Portuguese Commercial property law. 

Remember, when you do connect with someone give them a reason to connect.  Explain why you want to and maybe how you know each other.  The ultimate result with LinkedIn is to engage i.e. get a conversation with your ideal contact.  I have had people find cash investors, lawyers, financiers, ideal prospective clients, suppliers, referrals etc etc.  They have connected with people all over the world while being sat at their desks.  There is no more cold calling.  I only speak with people having engaged with them on LinkedIn and with their permission.

Connect with me, let me know however I can help and harness the power of LinkedIn.  Here’s to your success in 2019

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Andy Gwynn
I work with Businesses, Sales & Marketing Teams & Property Investors to help them develop consistent Lead Generation & well targeted, pre-qualified prospects.

If you know you should be using LinkedIn to generate new leads, engage consistently with your connections and get conversations & meetings off line and are looking for new business then give me a shout.

Andy Gwynn

I work with Businesses, Sales & Marketing Teams & Property Investors to help them develop consistent Lead Generation & well targeted, pre-qualified prospects. If you know you should be using LinkedIn to generate new leads, engage consistently with your connections and get conversations & meetings off line and are looking for new business then give me a shout.